Friday, July 1, 2011

Superb Artist, Amanda Connor

I love this woman's art and her approach to doing comics. Fans of PowerGirl comics at DC will recognize her. She works in a very simplified style and doesn't waste her time or the readers  on superfluous detail. She tells the damn story and done. The really amazing thing about her work is the facial expressions and body language. Trust me, doing this well is HARD because so much of it is intuitive. I and other artists can't even work off her drawings for study very well. Trying to get the particular slant on the mouth or eyes the way she does is really tough, if not impossible since the way she does it is natural to her and is a product of years of hard work. Also, there is a sense of fun in her work that I truly love. And she draws the best hot babes!!!
See for yourself. She doesn't have a huge presence on the web but hopefully will eventually. The place to follow her is at her husband's blog, Jimmy Palmiotti's Listen To Jimmy, a first class destination for comic art and the best looking pics of beautiful nude women you'll see anywhere!
and a nice collection of her comics and commissions are here:


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  1. I absolutely LOVE Amanda Connor! I fell in love with her work when I first read Garth Ennis' "The Pro." I even had the privilege of meeting her at a con once. She was wonderful and really great artist. And of course she and her husband did a phenomenal job with the Power Girl comics.


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