Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Personal Comic up at SSSC

I seem to be recovered enough to start being productive again. Mostly. Damn, this is like a hangover that never goes away, and I didn't at least have any fun at the start. Whine whine whine. Feh! Enough outta me.

Now up at Slid's Super Sex Comics is the beginning of another collection of my personal comics. The comic is titled: "Summer At My Aunt's". As you can imagine, it's a tale about a lad and his Aunt and cousins, and a stacked lady cop, a flight attendant, and a nurse at the end.  Less tease in this one, sort of.

Oh, there is a violent, scary villain in this one: his uncle. Bringing you twisted thrills again and again.   Since it's a personal comic it ain't finished, but it's on the way to remakesville  in the near future. And there are a fair number of pages in the version I've started to post, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 pages. So I hope you enjoy it!

BTW, I dug in and reworked some of the details, mostly faces, to help them read or look better. I did a lot of erasing on this one and it really made some of the faces pretty scary to look at. And you guys aren't here to be scared, are you? Naaah!


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