Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Code page 1

There seems to be some sort of technical glitch that is preventing me from uploading to SSSC tonight. Therefor, I am putting up today's update here on my blog for everyone.

Now...what kinda update is one motherfuckin' page, anyway? Well...
I've decided to try out putting out many small updates through out each week, just to make things a little easier on me and to keep you guys coming back more often! I don't know if this is how I'm going to ultimately do things here, but I'm going to try it out and see if it's a sane idea or not. And worry not, there will be 3 to 5 pages of new material uploaded each week from here on out.

Page 2 of The Code will show up tomorrow night. (Friday) Over the weekend a couple of bonus uploads of surprise content will appear, and then Monday we'll be back to The Code once more, with page 3. Tuesday will be page 4, and Wednesday will be page 5.

Some weeks I'll be uploading a mixed bag of pages: a little Superheroine Combat, a little GOH, a page of The Grady's and like that. And other weeks we'll be onto one story alone. I have one more new story to introduce and then I'll buckle down and concentrate on finishing a few of these unfinished stories up.

If things don't work out very well I'll go back to the usual once a week material upload. But if it works ok then I'll just go right on doing it like this.

Oh, assuming the glitch gets fixed, the rest of the Code will be appearing only in the Members section of SSSC.

Anyway, here it is: page one of The Code.


  1. Any chance we can get a larger version of this page in the members section as its quite hard to actually read whats been written there as its so small.

  2. Yes! Thanks for the input on that. I'm still working out the bugs here. I'll take care of that straightaway and check the others to make sure all are legible.


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