Friday, June 15, 2012


My paysite is intended by me to be a variety show. I want to hit all sorts of story types as sort of reflects my varied interests. And it is also a new paysite and I'm new to running one. A lesson I'm learning right now is that while I'm blessedly free of the five page story limit I had at M9, there is also a practical limit to the length of stories that I'm working on.I can't allow a story to go on and on because it kind of ties everything up and people who like catfight stuff don't see anything new from me for weeks or months, people who are fans of my sci fi and horror work and superheroine work don't get fed either. 

So. I promised you all that I would stay with the Mom's Weekend Visit story until it was done, and I will. It's just going to be wrapping up in the next week or two and then I'll start cranking out some ISM and sci fi work as well. I'm thinking things will run no more than ten pages or so, or will have monthly updates of five pages along with the regular shorter duration stuff until it's done. The stories that I have unfinished will wrap up as well over time, but I need to get out some of the work I'm known for doing in short order. So do look for things to be happening soon.

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