Friday, June 8, 2012

Slid Spleaks!

So some thoughts...found some rolling around under the couch...anyway, one thing that is coming clear to me is that while I'm free in my own site to get away from the five page stories I've been doing for M9 these many years, the twenty plus page stories I'm doing are just too freakin' long. I'll be finishing up Mom's in it's proper length now that I've started it, but in the future I'll be doing more seven to fifteen page stories in the interest of not getting hung up on one thing for too long. Of course stories like the Ring will be a novel length thing, but most of the time I'll be doing shorter length tales or installments like I do for Sector 13 or Urban Legends.  I want a variety of subject matter on SSSC and I don't want to take ten years doing it. Yeesh.I mean I still don't have a decent amount of catfight content out yet. I hope to rectify that revoltin' development soon.

I'm doing a bunch of Sector 13 stories for Mike da Mutant right now but I'll be crankin' out more Mom's in a day or two here. Sorry about the lag, but I'll be catching up.Stay tuned.

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