Friday, November 16, 2012

Post number 300!

GGGB page 20 will be delivered over the weekend. And we will continue on from there! I expect the story itself will go on another five pages and then we're onto another ISM tale, the ISM Begins! Yeah, it's his origin story, who he is and all that shhhtuf. Also also appearing concurrently with all the ISM goofiness will be  the Succubus and more of The Code very soon. Also I'm still going strong on Sector 13 over at Monsterbabes!

I think the page below is an old repost...lost track. From a story for Catfight Central. The librarians have it out! Wow. That's when I drew 'em BIG!


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  1. You have the chance to break exciting new ground with your ISM origin. As far as I know, no one has ever declared priapism to be a universal side effect of all forms of invisibility. Which is why all the other superheroines talk about Sue Richards and her cigars...


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