Sunday, May 6, 2012

My rock and a hard place

I'm in a place that I did expect I would end up in. I'm at my physical limit doing posts on my website and doing other jobs so I can make enough to pay my bills. I expect that if the rate of growth continues as it is that I'll be modestly self supporting off the website in about a year. Right now there is no way to live on what I'm making on the website at the present time. But I feel that I need to do more pages than I am both for the website and for my other work.
One answer to this problem is to get faster. The way I could do that is to work in a much much simpler style than I am, that would appear to be cartoonish relative to what I do right now. Or I could just do less updates for the website until I get things rolling. But if I do less, I'm sure I could count on the site to taking even longer to get to the place where I can live off it exclusively.
Frankly, I'm going to make my own decision about this, but I am interested to know what you would want to see or at least what you would put up with while I get rolling. I will weigh the response I get in my decision, likely pretty  heavily. 

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