Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some misunderstandings

Some folks have expressed disappointment with the members section on my site and I'd like to clear up some things.

There will never be any stories I've done for Media Nine on SSSC. They own that work, I don't. I can use bits of my work for them for promotional purposes only. I can't sell any of these stories to anyone, not ever. Unless I buy them back at some future date.

Sector 13 was going to be cancelled at MBC and I mentioned in an earlier post that it would be appearing on SSSC. But they renewed the order for it and so I'm still doing a monthly installment for them. Once that stops there, as I'm sure it will, it will start up here. But not for some time. I didn't put out a correction mostly because at the time I didn't know anyone cared about it. It seems it has some fans who feel rather strongly about it and all I can say is thanks. I'll do my best to keep it going in the future.

Also, I'm going as fast as I can on updates. Until I can be self supporting on this site, it's not going to be coming in faster than it is. All I can ask is your patience. Remember: it's just me doing this.

Yours, Slid


  1. No sweat, you're trying to make ends meet like the rest of us, and a (semi-)steady source of income is not to be lightly dismissed. You've been updating at least once a week so far, which keeps me happy, at least.

    One thing I belatedly noticed from the most recent "Meet the Gradys" update: we have a 34-year-old mother with daughters aged 20 and 18 years, which means she gave birth to the first one when she was... oh, now THERE'S a back story I would like to know!

    I don't think I'm gonna change a thing! Adds some mystery...never mind that I can't add.


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