Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Working on Moms' story

I've gotten a spread of story types started and now will begin to finish what I have going. I plan on doing these stories one at a time, that is, I'll restart one and stick with it to the end. I want to have a battery of finished stuff on my site for people to enjoy as soon as I can manage.

Due to the popularity of the pencil story I started last week involving the incestuous meeting of two moms and their hunky sons, I'll be diving into that first. I have the next page completed and want to have a couple of days of buffer in front of me, so I'll start posting the pages day after tomorrow.

As I'm doing this, I'm also doing writing/editing for Monsterbabescentral and Catfight Central all week. Look for my name on many of Media Nine's stories, if you haven't noticed them already. These are stories usually produced by artists who's first language is not English. Many of them I merely correct a few words and maybe add a caption or two. Others I re-invent, re-name, re-write and basically make something more interesting out of it.  Still others I write in partnership with the comics creators, as I do with A.B. Lust. I do lettering, sound effects, balloons, the whole thing, depending on what's usable.

So there's a fair amount of juggling going on. So far so good. I'll be swapping banners with other sites soon. If you have a place for one of my banners, there's one you can grab at my links page at SSSC.

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